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Mark Hartman


Mark has won "Best Hairstylist" by the Nashville Scene for the past 3 years! He has worked on the Oprah show and was the Titan's Cheerleaders stylist for their first decade in Nashville. He spends much of his free time riding his horses and canning.  He learned to cook southern food as a boy in his father's restaurant and still can cook up a storm.

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Kat Lewis

Lead Stylist

Kat is one of Nashville's top stylists and when she's not making our clients look amazing, she enjoys working on her home/farm in Lebanon, TN and spending as much time as possible riding her horses, Imperio and Six.

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Rachel Wehby


Rachel is an accomplished hairstylist. Her color work, especially balayage, is some of the best anywhere. She has become a blonde specialist creating stunning blonds from all tones of hair. She is a Nashville Native who loves spending her off time with her friends and family. She also enjoys hiking and photography.

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Dana Thrasher


Dana has been a Paul Mitchell educator for several decades. When she's not at Cognito, she enjoy teaching and training professionals. Dana enjoys working on her spring and summer garden, traveling and spending time with her cats.

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Emma Knake

Jr. Stylist

Emma is a vintage fashion fanatic, excited to merge the worlds of classic beauty and today's trends. When not at Cognito, she can be found listening to her records, specifically Stevie Nicks, or re-watching The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the millionth time. Emma knows the importance of a good shampoo and how to make every guest feel welcome and comfortable.

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